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Summer 2014 Honor Roll

Congratulations to our students who made the Summer 2014 semester Deans’ and President’s lists for outstanding academic work.

President's List

  1. Korie Anderson
  2. Kimberly Barbee
  3. Paula Battley
  4. Chastity Baudier
  5. Rusti Bellue
  6. Heather Best
  7. Erica Blank
  8. Heather Boone
  9. Summer Boren
  10. Morgan Bourgoyne
  11. Clara Brown
  12. Claire Brunell
  13. Kayla Cannon
  14. Caroline Cassedy
  15. Sonia Cecchini
  16. Kenndrica Crum
  17. Elizabeth Dauer
  18. Austin Demsky
  19. Kelly Dunlevy
  20. Blake Ebeier
  21. Kari Ebner
  22. Daniel Flynn
  23. Lorri Fontenot
  24. Pamela Garretson
  25. Rebekah Gilman
  26. Jacquelyn Hazey
  27. Sydney Hebert
  28. Jeanine Helgevold
  29. Shelly Holder
  30. Kassa Jefferson
  31. Amanda Johnson
  32. Crystal Johnson
  33. Lashelle Johnson
  34. Victoria Joyce
  35. Victoria Keller
  36. Laila Khamphoumy
  37. Kristopher Kindschuh
  38. Rachel King
  39. Chelsea Kinkle
  40. Susan Landry
  41. Emily Lasseigne
  42. Brittany Machauer
  43. Trish Mack
  44. Taylor Meades
  45. Thomas Murray
  46. Michael Napolitano
  47. Phat Ngo
  48. Khao Nhu Nguyen
  49. Emily Nunn
  50. Mayuri Patel
  51. Johnavan Perkins
  52. Flavia Pires
  53. Krista Reed
  54. Rendi Reider
  55. Mariah Rester
  56. Shereen Richard
  57. Taylor Robert
  58. Trinice Rose
  59. Simone Scallan
  60. Melody Sereda
  61. Tara Sturgeon
  62. Allison Taylor
  63. Ticey Thibeaux
  64. Christina Wenisch
  65. Brittany Williams
  66. Kenzia Wilson
  67. Caitlin Yeager
  68. Tanaya Yidin

Deans' List

  1. Shaontrea Antonio
  2. Taylor Armoney
  3. Kristen Barre
  4. Jourdan Bencaz
  5. Shelby Bennett
  6. Fallon Blank
  7. Kristen Bonnecarre
  8. Darian Breaux
  9. Mary Brown
  10. Angie Cardenas
  11. Hillary Clark
  12. James Coco
  13. Emily Corbett
  14. Jena Courville
  15. Charla Covington
  16. Lindsey Cullen
  17. Lakeisha Cushingberry
  18. Ariel D'Amico
  19. Elizabeth Dauzat
  20. Nicollette Davis
  21. Ashley Dugas
  22. Sara Duhe
  23. Blair Dupont
  24. Meaghan Durand
  25. Amber Duval
  26. Ariyeil Edwards
  27. Jodi Faught
  28. Aki Franklin
  29. Kaleb Franklin
  30. Danielle Frye
  31. Ashley Gautreau
  32. Hallie Gloyd
  33. Lacy Goree
  34. Lindsey Harrell
  35. Heather Harvey
  36. Bailey Haylock
  37. Lely Hedrick
  38. Hannah Hixson
  39. Jasmin Hoang
  40. Richard Jez
  41. Valencia Johnson
  42. Akaldeep Kaur
  43. Sarah Kearns
  44. Aaron Kelly
  45. Rachel Kowitz
  46. Chad Kurtz
  47. Tori Lebeau
  48. Patricia Leblanc
  49. Chelsea Louque
  50. Rachel Miller
  51. Brittany Millien
  52. Aubrey Parker
  53. Divya Patel
  54. Courtney Penton
  55. Joseph Pierce
  56. Celeste Quebedeaux
  57. Allie Schexnayder
  58. Dayna Shilling
  59. Annie Shocket
  60. Kristin Simoneaux
  61. Brett Smith
  62. Jazmin Sosa
  63. Megan Strange
  64. John Teal
  65. Nikki Vu
  66. Avis Williams
  67. Danielle Williams
  68. Jazell Williams
  69. Courtney Zahn

Student Service Exceeds $1 Million In-Kind Value

Service-learning, a teaching method that integrates instruction with meaningful community service, has become an integral part of an OLOL College education.  Through this program, OLOL College students have given over 68,000 service-learning hours working for others.  The College is pleased to report that based on the valuation designated by experts, OLOL College students have provided over $1 million of in-kind service to the community.  

The estimated value of volunteer time is established each year by the Independent Sector, a coalition of charities, foundations, corporations, and individuals that publishes research important to the nonprofit sector.  The estimate helps acknowledge the millions of individuals who dedicate their time, talents, and energy to make a difference in the community. 

From June 2009 to June 2014, Our Lady of the Lake College students gave 68,084 service-learning hours working in collaboration with the College’s many community partners.  The average of the Independent Sector’s in-kind value during that time frame is $19.10 per hour, bringing the total in-kind value of the College’s student service to $1,303,400.50.  OLOL College service-learning students work with over 90 community partners who serve in sixteen parishes across southeast Louisiana. 

The Service-Learning program at the College has been developed by and coordinated through the Office of Service-Learning, directed by Rhoda Reddix, Ph.D.   “It is exciting to see that our student’s service now tops over a million in-kind dollars.  But I can tell you this . . . the service itself is invaluable to everyone involved:  the community partners, the people in the community who are helped, and the students themselves.  Service-learning both supports engaged learning and reinforces the College’s Franciscan mission,” she explained. 

An important part of the service-learning process is for students to write down their thoughts afterwards.  A reflection from a nursing student after a service-learning experience at St. Martha’s Activity Center was, “I cannot begin to explain how this experience further proved that nursing is exactly what I want to do.”

College Dean Receives Teaching Recognition

Phyllis L. Simpson, Ph.D., Dean of Student Services and Director of Counseling for Our Lady of the Lake College was recognized as one of the nation’s “Outstanding First Year Educators” by the Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transitions. Attendees of this group’s national conference honored Dr. Simpson at its annual meeting held in San Diego, California, February 15-18, 2014.

Each year a national panel of distinguished educators review the top 100 applications, selecting ten for recognition.  All of these top educators demonstrate the common goal of improving the educational experience of first-year students in colleges and university throughout the United States.

David England, Ph.D., Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs stated unequivocally, “It is hard to imagine there being a more worthy recipient!  Phyllis Simpson has long served as one of our College’s richest resources as the scores of students she helps each year will readily attest.”

As the nomination stated, “Phyllis Simpson is an educator who believes that true collegiate learning must happen both inside and outside of the classroom walls.”  With her strong teaching background and her proficiency as a reading specialist, she helped to re-vamp the academic seminar to adapt program-specific reading strategies and incorporate learning style inventories to improve testing/study strategies.  She created a tutor lab and established a First Year Student Experience program which had students meeting with her one-on-one several times during their initial year at OLOL College.  Recognizing that first year students at a commuter college would benefit from more connections to the campus, Dr. Simpson began working energetically to make student organizations more active. Additionally, she has led civic engagement efforts on campus and works as Co-Chair for the College’s acclaimed Service-Learning programs.  As a result, retention efforts for incoming freshmen are improving steadily.

Students sincerely appreciate her contribution to their education.  Biology major Derek Wiltz said "Dr. Simpson has helped me grow in so many ways . . . She is an exceptional leader and teacher, always giving us great support that not only helps academically but encourages us with our career goals."  Non-traditional student Melanie Koscick who returned to school at the age of 45 added, "As someone who has been out of school for over twenty years, Dr. Simpson has been my guiding light and my anchor. She has not only assisted me with how to handle college in this day and age, but has helped me to believe that I can accomplish great things."

Dr. Simpson has been involved with various areas of education since 1970, and has taught at every grade level except for kindergarten and first grade.  Among her many accomplishments, she has authored teaching manuals for postsecondary reading textbooks as well as a strategy textbook for elementary/junior high teachers.  Receiving her B.S. degree from Louisiana State University (LSU), her Masters of Education from Southeastern Louisiana University, and her Ph.D. from LSU in 1998, Dr. Simpson began her teaching career in Washington Parish in the early 70s, taught at Southeastern Louisiana University in the 90s, and then became a member of the staff at OLOL College in 1997. 

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