OLOL College

Institutional Research

Institutional Research produces regular and ad hoc reports to support ongoing assessment, toward improving academic programs and student services in the context of the College's mission, purpose, and institutional goals.

Institutional Reporting

Institutional Research develops and implements systems for internal and external standard reporting around student demographics, enrollment management, graduation, alumni, courses, class size, credit hour generation, faculty statistics, revenue, financial aid, grades, student satisfaction, and student exit surveys, among others. Institutional Research develops annual Institutional Sourcebooks and Quick Facts documents and ensures appropriate and strategic levels of information are provided to groups internal and external to the institution.

The Institutional Data Manager is responsible for data collection, reporting processes, and information conveyed annually to external organizations for the National Survey of Student Engagement; Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System; ACT Evaluation/Survey Service; U.S. News & World Report; Peterson's Educational Directory; University and College Accountability Network; Wintergreen Orchard House, and other organizations/agencies as deemed appropriate.


Institutional Research collaborates with other College departments to assess, design, develop, and manage the implementation of strategically-aligned performance improvement and capacity-building initiatives across the College. Institutional Research also works with administrative and academic units to develop and implement data collection methodologies to a) assess the College's effectiveness and student achievement, b) document performance, and c) provide a context for strategic initiatives and planning processes.

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