OLOL College

CLS Admission Requirements

Applcation Deadline:
March 15

Admission Requirements

The applicant must meet the following minimum requirements for admission to the CLS bachelor's degree program:

  1. Requirements for acceptance into the program are the same as for acceptance to OLOL College (See the Admissions section of this catalog for more information);
  2. Completion of the general education requirements and program prerequisites  with a grade of "C" or better (See CLS Curriculum Plan below).

Admission Process

Entrance into the CLS program is competitive, and the academic coursework within the clinical program itself is very demanding. The prerequisite general education requirements provide a necessary academic foundation. The applicant’s performance in such prerequisite coursework is an indicator of the applicant’s potential for success within the clinical program. Priority is given to applicants who have completed the prerequisite coursework at a level which indicates their potential for success in the program, and who have provided evidence of   understanding the demands of the profession.

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