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Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum content may be documented on the attached sample form or other Curriculum format of your choice. Documentation of Curriculum must include:

  • Objectives clearly stated in measurable terms for each of the curriculum requirements for the specific employee category
  • Topics to be included and outline of information to be presented on each topic
  • Topics must include those required by Act 571
  • Amount of time dedicated to each topic covered.
  • Teaching methods to be used
  • References on which the curriculum is based
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that no copyright laws have been violated if material from another source is used as part of your curriculum.
  • All handouts or slides to be used with the curriculum presentation

Documents required for review and approval must include the following:

  • 2 copies of the curriculum identified by ID number of employee category for training
  • All handouts or slides to be used with the curriculum presentation
  • Name of training coordinator and his/her qualifications
  • Current resume’ of coordinator
  • Method of instruction (classroom, web based or brochure)
  • Method of evaluation of instruction
  • Bibliography of information used in preparation of curriculum.

Curriculum Types and Components
There are two types of Dementia Training curricula that are subject to review and approval: 

  1. curricula intended for use with Nursing Facility staff (NF, NF/SCU), or
  2. curricula intended for use with Adult Residential Care staff (ARC, ARC/SCU). 

Within those two types, curricula may target all employees, including those that work on a dementia special care unit and those that do not; or may target sub-categories of employees (for instance, just direct care staff who work on a dementia special care unit in an ARC).  The cost of curriculum review depends on the scope of the submitted curriculum (i.e., numbers of hours) and the category and type of employee to be trained using the curriculum.

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