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Evaluation, Attendance and Certification

Curriculum providers must include some methods of evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the Dementia Training curriculum. Evaluations should be done at the conclusion of each curricula training session. The purpose of such evaluation is to ensure that learning needs of employees have been fulfilled and to assist in planning better programs in the future.

Evaluation of the curricula training session must include:

  • achievement of objectives;
  • evaluation of satisfaction with the each presenter's content; and
  • evaluation of the facilities and arrangements for the training session. 

Attached is sample form for evaluation. 

Each Nursing Facility and Adult Residential Care Facility must monitor participant attendance at Dementia Training through the use of sign-in records. Electronic records can be used for computer based instruction.

The number of training hours (60 minutes equals one contact hour) will be reviewed based on the employee category requirements as specified in Act N0. 571.   Curricula must be approved by Our Lady of Lake College prior to Dementia Training for credit to be awarded to individual employees.  Approved contact hour credit will apply only to designated instruction time with the presenter and discussions led by the presenter or staff.  It shall not include informal discussions over lunch or other non-instructional activities outside designated instruction time.

Certificates must be issued to all participants who have successfully completed the program (certificate for partial attendance will not be issued). The certificate must include the employee name and job title, curriculum title, date and location (city) of the program, Curriculum Approval Number and signature of the trainer. The certificate must include the following statement:

This Dementia Training Curriculum has been approved for (number) Dementia Training contact hours by Our Lady of Lake College as authorized by the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals in compliance with Act 571 of LA Legislature.”

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