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As a leader in healthcare-related education for almost 90 years, Our Lady of the Lake College has a legacy of excellent educators.  Continuing in this tradition are the following faculty who have received national and regional recognition for teaching and research excellence:

  • Five School of Nursing Faculty Michelle Lemoine, MSN, RN; Rebekah Bergeron, MSN, RN; Aimee Badeaux, PhD(c), APRN-CRNA; Tina Rochester, MSN, RN and Tabitha Jones-Thomas, MSN, RN received the Excellence in Nursing Award from the Baton Rouge District Nurses Association.  The awards are given annually to those nurses who meet at least two of the following criteria:

    1. Encourages the professional development of Nurses and promotes a positive image of nursing.
    2. Adheres to standards of Nursing practice, Nursing education, and Nursing services.
    3. Adheres to the Code of Ethical Conduct for Nurses established by the American Nurses Association.
    4. Supports programs and studies in nursing that contribute toward the improvement of health care.
    5. Disseminates information relevant to nursing (i.e., presentations, professional development, and community).
    6. Assumes the advocate role for health care consumers.
    7. Represents the nursing profession with Allied Health groups and other organizations, governmental bodies, and the public.
    8. Promotes excellence in nursing by obtaining specialized knowledge, skills, and experience demonstrated by the achievement of standards beyond licensure that are identified by a nursing specialty.

  • Dr. Carla Harmon received the 2015 Helen Johnson Cremeens Excellence in Teaching Award from the Baton Rouge District Nurses Association. The award is given to the nurse educator who:

    1. Maintains a positive attitude about nursing and nursing practice as a registered professional nurse in Louisiana.
    2. Recognizes each nursing student’s potential and implements strategies for each to excel in a nursing career.
    3. Promote the professional nursing values of caring, compassion, understanding, kindness, respect, and dignity.
    4. Provides individual nursing students a foundation for lifelong learning pursuits.
    5. Displays a professional image of nursing in appearance, in communicating nursing knowledge, and in nursing actions.
    6. Serves in roles to advance professional nurses and nursing practice in Louisiana.
    7. Maintains membership in a professional nursing organization.

    Congratulations Dr. Harmon, we are proud your are part of the OLOL College family.

  • Aimee Badeaux, PhD(c), APRN-CRNA, CRNA Program Director and Kasey Haley, DNAP, APRN-CRNA, CRNA Faculty received $41, 211 from Health Resources and Services (HRSA) Administration to prepare Nurse Anesthesia Students for Practice in Rural and Medically Underserved America.  The specific objectives of the program are to:  1) increase the number of students obtaining clinical experience and education in rural and underserved areas, 2) increase the number of graduates employed in rural or medically underserved facilities and 3) increase the number of graduates who report that the clinical experiences during the program adequately prepared them for practice in rural or medically underserved areas.  Our Lady of the Lake College’s Nurse Anesthesia program is one of only two in the State.  These funds will help offset the expenses incurred by the student for rural clinical education and experiences.

  • Dr. David Whidden presented a paper entitled: The Proslogion, Gilbert Crispin, and the Cur Deus homo: Anselm’s Student and the Problems of the Incarnation at the Reading Anselm: Context & Criticism Conference held in Boston Massachusetts in July 2015 (http://anselm2015.blogspot.com/2015/07/conference-schedule.html?m=1). Reading Anselm: Context & Criticism Conference is an international conference organized under the aegis of the International Association for Anselm Studies and the Institute for Liberal Arts, Boston College, with sponsorship from Fairfield University, the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, and the Philosophy and Theology Departments at Boston College.  Dr. Whidden’s paper is attached here.

  • School of Nursing faculty, Karen Clark, MSN, RN and Stazel Guerin, MSN, RN; along with colleagues at the University of Iowa, Lisa E. Skemp, PhD, RN, FGSA, FAAN; Fayron Epps, PhD, RN; and Janet Specht, PhD, RN, FGSA, FAAN, recently published a paper entitled “Implementing Gerontological Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines in a BSN Curriculum” in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 11(7), 21-28.  Click here to review the paper.

  • Meridith Bergeron, M.Ed., Director of Educational Technology has been accepted to present a podium presentation at the  E-Learn 2015 World Conference on E-Learning on October 19-22, 2015 in Kona, Hawaii.  Her presentation is entitled: The Use of Quality Matters™ and the Instructional Design Process.  Information related to the conference is available at: http://www.aace.org/conf/Click here for the abstract of Meridith Bergeron's presentation.


  •  Lindsay Bratton Mullins, PhD, FNP-BC presented her work, as  a poster presentation, at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2015 National Conference which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 9-14, 2015.  Her presentation was entitled, “Nurse Practitioners and Population-Level Healthcare in the Southern United States: Regulatory and Practice Implications”..  Click here for the abstract of Dr. Bratton Mullins' presentation.


  • Damon Boria, PhD presented a paper at: The 10th Annual International Conference on Philosophy in Athens, Greece in May 2015 entitled: “Creating the Anthropocene: Existential Social Philosophy and Our Bleak Future”.  A copy of Dr. Boria’s paper is available at: http://www.atiner.gr/papers/PHI2015-1496.pdf.  In addition, Dr. Boria’s work, “Guerrilla Gardening as Nonviolent Praxis: Existentialist Ethics in Food Deserts” was published in June 2015 in the book: The Peace of Nature and the Nature of Peace: Essays on Ecology, Nature, Nonviolence, and Peace.  More information about the book is available at: http://www.brill.com/products/book/peace-nature-and-nature-peace

  • Drs. Natalie Lenard, Ratna Gupta, Amit Mitra, and Brian Rash were awarded $68,100 from the Louisiana Board of Regents Enhancement Program to equip a cell culture and biochemistry laboratory that will be used to infuse authentic research experiences into two upper-division biology courses. This proposal was ranked first among the 24 recommended for funding out of 74 applications. The grant titled “EMBRACE: Enhancing Molecular and Biochemical Research Activities in Course Experiences” enables the purchase of cell culture and biochemistry equipment that will greatly expand the research areas available to biology students performing independent research guided by a faculty mentor. This project will foster the development of hands-on and cognitive skills necessary for graduate work in the biological sciences or for immediate employment in biotechnology, greatly enhancing the student laboratory experience.

  • Rebekah Bergeron, M.S.N., R.N.,  instructor in the School of Nursing, was recognized recently by Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center as the Outstanding Nursing Instructor of the Year.  Bergeron, who teaches undergraduates during their first year of nursing, has been a leader with the local Healthy Lives initiative, coordinating students to assist with health screenings, patient education and preventative care in the community with the goal of ensuring a healthier population. “My goal is to model professional behavior for my students and to prepare them so that they are successful in their careers.”  Bergeron is a 2009 master’s graduate from Our Lady of the Lake College.
  • Congratulations to Aimee Badeaux, M.S.N., C.R.N.A., Assistant Professor in the Nurse Anesthesia program, who has been awarded the 2012 Research Doctoral Fellowship of the Association of Nurse Anesthetists Foundation.  In this picture Aimee (on the left) is teaching a CRNA student about how to intubate an infant.
  • Rhoda Reddix, Ph.D., Lena Osborne, PA-C, and John Allgood, PA-C won the third place award at the 2012 Louisiana Geriatrics Society Meeting for their poster "First Year Service-Learning Experiences Enhance Physician Assistant Students' Sensitivity to and Awareness of Healthcare Needs in the Geriatric Population."
  • Phyllis Pedersen, D.N.P., C.R.N.A.., Assistant Professor and Director of the Nurse Anesthesia Program, was appointed to the Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Competency Modeles Subcommittee by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists.  The CPC competency Modeles Subcommittee is responsible for developing a proposed blueprint, a cost analysis for implementation, and an implementation timeline based on estimated costs and required resources for its area of focus.
  • Annette Knobloch, D.N.S., R.N., Associate Professor for the School of Nursing was recognized in 2012 as the Outstanding Nursing Instructor of the Year.  The award is presented by the Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.
  • Albert Swafford, Jr., Ph.D., physiology instructor at the College, has been selected by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists as the Didactic Instructor of the Year.  This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to the education of student nurse anesthetists in the classroom.  This contribution benefits the profession of nurse anesthesia by raising the educational standards that further the art and science of anesthesiology, resulting in higher quality patient care.

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