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Freshman Orientation

Welcome to Our Lady of the Lake College.  For Freshmen Orientation, we invite new Freshmen and Transfer students with less than 30 transfer credit hours.  We provide you the opportunity to learn more about the College and its unique services all of which helps to make your transition into OLOL College a pleasant one.  We are aware of the hard work and preparation you have expended and hope your journey here will be enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. 

We encourage you to meet with your advisor and schedule your classes prior to orientation.   Freshmen Orientation is held in our Biological Learning and Research Building (BLR #7 on Campus Map), 5222 Brittany Drive, Suite B, Baton Rouge, LA  70808. Check-in begins at 8:30am. Dress comfortably on orientation day.  You will take a brief walking tour of campus.  We suggest you bring a sweater or jacket should the room temperature become cool and an umbrella if it looks like there may be rain. 

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We also offer a Family Orientation session which runs simultaneously at the same location.  As you make the transition to college life for the first time, the role of your significant family member(s) also changes.  You will continue to look to family members for guidance and support and we know that students make better decisions when they discuss their academic and life choices with their family.  This program will give an overview of student life at OLOL College and information on the latest academic requirements, fees, and student resources.  By sharing the orientation process with your family members(s), they will learn how to make your transition to college life successful and participate in the excitement that makes Our Lady of the Lake College such a special place.

If you have additional questions about Freshmen Orientation, contact Lynn Savoie at (225) 768-1712 or Lynn.Savoie@ololcollege.edu

If parent(s) or other family member(s) will be attending with you, please provide the following information

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