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  Complaint and Grievance Policies and Procedures

Our Lady of the Lake College is committed to providing an environment supportive of student achievement. Academic, Administrative and Student Affairs share that committment in the provisions of all programs and services. As we seek to be better, students, faculty, staff and all other stakeholders are encouraged to share their reasonable complaints. There are multiple ways concerns can be communicated and addressed:

Day to Day Issues: All College administrators, faculty members, and staff members are open to any stakeholder's suggestions and sensitive to individual concerns. Hence, we seek to address day-to-day complaints and rectify problem directly and as quickly as possible.

Referred, Actionable Issues: Sometimes individuals wish to call attention to matters that are more complex. That is, ones that do not lend themselves to immediate solutions but neither do they rise to grievance level (see below). In such cases, the College encourages all stakeholders to share such complaints and concerns. Expressed concerns for which follow through would be feasible and expected may be submitted via email (complaints@ololcollege.edu) as a complaint. Alternatively, a complaint from any College stakeholder may be submitted in writing to any employee of the College.

Upon receipt of a complaint or concern, the appropriate College administrator will:

  • Initiate an inquiry or investigation into appropriate.actionable complaints or concerns or designate the appropriate party to do so;
  • Inform the complaintant of how the complaint was inverstigates, and describe any subsequent actions or recommedations that may result;
  • File all materials related to the complaint with the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs.

NOTE:  The College administration also welcomes suggestions in the suggestion box on the web, via the College Facebook page, and through other College sponsored social media. Because the College seeks to systematically track and follow through on complaints and concerns, such suggestions and commentaries cannot be considered as complaints unless they are filed per the procedures outlined above.

Matters of the most serious and problematic nature and which have or have had profound impact on one or more individuals may rise to the level of a greviance and must follow the established greviances policy. Please refer to the Student Handbook (1.10).

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