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Student Ambassador Leadership Program

Students who serve as the official ambassadors of Our Lady of the Lake College, hosts college functions such as banquets, meetings, tour guides and career fairs. Each ambassador is awarded a scholarship of $300.00 per semester. Selection to the Student Ambassador Leadership Program is one of the highest honors a student can receive at Our Lady of the Lake College. Membership in this prestigious group reflects dedication, leadership, and academic excellence.



  1. Maintain 20 outstanding members who excel in scholarship, leadership and service
  2. Selection is a well publicized competitive process conducted each semester, open to all qualified students
  3. Provide training and support that empowers members to perform their duties in an excellent manner
  4. Develop and maintain members who are professional, articulate, knowledgeable about OLOLC, and helpful to those they serve at all times
  5. Provide guidelines for and evaluation of individual member performance
  6. Recognize members who have distinctively served as an OLOLC Student Ambassadors

Core Values:

Student Ambassadors adhere to Our Lady of the Lake College Core Values of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady:

  • Service: the privilege of reaching out to meet the needs of others
  • Reverence and Love for All Life: Acknowledging that all of life is a gift from God
  • Joyfulness of Spirit: An awareness of being blessed by God in all things
  • Humility: Being authentic in serving as an instrument of God
  • Justice: Striving for equity and fairness in relationships, with special concern for those most in need



  • Sincerity: If you don’t know how to do something or do not understand what is being asked of you, seek assistance
  • Reliability and Dependability: Do not promise what you cannot deliver! Commitment to the job involving regular attendance is essential
  • Confidentiality: Any breach of confidentiality will reflect directly on your position as a Student Ambassador. Treat what you hear with respect and do not share information with others. Should you have any concerns about information received, speak with the SA Program Director or Student Services Dean immediately
  • Listening Skills: Listen to what is being asked of you, clarify and respond
  • Follow Through: When you tell someone you will do something, be sure to get it done in a timely manner
  • Awareness: Be aware that you represent Our Lady of the Lake College at all times

How to Apply:

Applications are available in the Student Services Office. The deadline for Fall applicants is the second Friday of November. For Spring Applicants, the deadline is the second Friday of July.


  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student
  • Currently have (and maintain throughout tenure) a minimum Overall GPA of 3.0
  • Completed 1 or more semesters at Our Lady of the Lake College
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the college
  • Available to serve as a Student Ambassador member for at least two regular semesters (at the undergraduate or graduate level). Students who are enrolled in a clinical  program for a regular semester cannot serve as a Student Ambassador member during that semester
  • Must be knowledgeable of college services and resources
  • Able to coordinate any work commitments and Student Ambassador responsibilities

Description of Duties

Members of Student Ambassadors serve as official hosts for a number of campus events such as Quarterly College Mass, Lectures, College Job Fairs, Recruiting, Graduation Ceremonies and Banquets. Student Ambassador Responsibilities vary throughout the academic year. Student Ambassador Meetings are held monthly. Ambassadors are expected to work a total of 30 hours each semester. Your presence at each function will be verified.

Ambassador Scholarship

Qualified Members receive a scholarship of $300.00 per semester. The scholarship amount is set by the approval of the budget. Continuation in the program and receipt of the scholarship will be based on periodic reviews of each ambassador’s performance by the program director. Ambassador Scholarships are contingent upon meeting the minimum semester hours. Ambassadors not meeting mandatory hours are required to return the scholarship in full. Members are accountable for performing all assigned tasks.

Application Process

Upon review of all application materials, top candidates will be invited to interview for available positions. Spring semester interviews take place in mid to late November. Fall semester interviews take place in mid to late July.

Fall Applications are due by the first Friday in August!
Spring Applications are due by the second Friday of November!

Submit the following:

The completed application form

  • A separate sheet with answers to the questions on the application
  • A copy of your current class schedule
  • A letter of recommendation from an instructor who has taught you
  • An unofficial copy of your transcript
  • A Co-Curricular Transcript or a listing of:
    1. All involvement in student activities
    2. Leadership positions you hold are have held
    3. Honors received
    4. Participation in other college-related organizations or activities
    5. Off-campus volunteer involvement

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