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Franciscan Scholarships

Prestigious Franciscan scholarships are awarded at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University to five entering freshmen each year who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance and leadership skills in high school, and show promise of continuing such performance in college and beyond.  Minimum criteria include a high school GPA of 3.5 or better, an ACT Composite score of 24 or SAT Composite score of 1110, academic credentials, leadership and activity record, and an essay. 

The University needs help to continue to support these outstanding scholars and future community leaders.

Meet Morgan LeBlanc (pictured above)

INSPIRATION for Morgan LeBlanc was seeing her single mother asleep at the kitchen table after a long day working and taking classes in order to give her children a better life.
DEDICATION was a grandmother who was always there for Morgan; a woman who demonstrated every day the impact that a good nurse can have on others.
PERSEVERENCE is Morgan today.  She is determined to become the best possible nurse anesthetist or nurse practitioner she can be.  Morgan works hard today to be prepared with the knowledge and skill that will be essential if you need her help in the future.

Your support of our Franciscan Scholarship program helps extraordinary students like Morgan LeBlanc to thrive.  To make your gift, click the ‘Make Your Gift’ button above.

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