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Senior Nursing Students Answer the Call for Volunteers for Mardi Gras Weekend

  • Posted: 4/29/15

Senior nursing students from OLOL College responded to a statewide call for volunteers issued by the Department of Health and Hospital Disaster Plan to provide extra assistance for the Emergency Departments of New Orleans Hospitals during Mardi Gras weekend. On Saturday February 14, six senior level nursing students and on Sunday February 15, nine students worked alongside the nurses and staff in the Emergency Department of Tulane Medical Center under the supervision of their faculty Dr. Valerie Schluter.

Tulane Medical Center is located in the heart of downtown New Orleans and is one block from Canal Street where many of the major New Orleans parades roll. As a certified stroke and chest pain center, students learned about latest evidence-based emergency care for patient with specific cardiovascular emergencies.

According to Nicole Cowen, “It was a great experience. Throughout the day we practiced our assessment skills and patient communication skills. We were able to observe CT scans and ultrasound guided IV insertion. Throughout the day our instructor educated us on stroke protocols, EKGs, and other relevant topics.”     

Students received a warm welcome from the Tulane ER nurses as many were themselves graduates of OLOL College’s distance campus in New Orleans. The opportunity to work with patients who truly represented the vulnerable and underserved of downtown New Orleans was very rewarding.  

According to Brenna Mann, “I learned a lot about the role of the nurse and how the nurse is a true patient advocate in this setting. Many of the patients we served did not have primary healthcare and came to the ER instead of going to a doctor’s office, which really made me understand why we have to educate the community on healthcare.”

Danna Lowell stated, “Volunteering at the ER at Tulane Medical Center was a valuable learning experience. It was a great opportunity to see patients come in with various illnesses and to be able to help provide care to this vulnerable population. Being able to provide an extra set of helping hands and to be of service was a reward by itself.”   -- Submitted by Valerie Schluter

Mission of Mercy

  • Posted: 4/29/15

Senior nursing students from OLOL College volunteered their time and skills to support the Louisiana 2015 Mission of Mercy a free dental clinic organized by the Louisiana Dental Association. The event took place Friday and Saturday at the Armed Forces Reserve Center on innovation Park Drive in Baton Rouge.  Participants began arriving at 2 in the morning for registration at 6:00am. By 5pm on both days approximately 1500 patients had received care in the form of medical triage, dental examination, cleaning, and tooth extraction or replacement.

Many of the participants stated they had been in pain for days or weeks but did not have insurance or access to dental care. Nursing students supervised by their instructor Dr. Valerie Schluter provided assistance with medical triage interviewing participants for significant medical history and current medications. Nursing students also assessed blood pressure and pulse on every participant before they were admitted for treatment often providing education on the importance of blood pressure and blood sugar management and consistent medical follow up.

Danna Lowell stated, “Being a part of the Mission of Mercy reminded me why I went to Our Lady of the Lake College. It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to be of service to those who are most in need, creating a spirit of healing and making a difference in people’s lives. This experience inspired me to connect with the community and share what I learned. Volunteering and giving back made me realize that, indeed, nursing is my path and my future.”  -- Submitted by Valerie Schluter  

Lasseigne Newman Civic Fellow

Our Lady of the Lake College Student Named
Newman Civic Fellow by Campus Compact

Baton Rouge, LA –  From across the country, college and university presidents ⎯ all members of Campus Compact ⎯ have nominated promising student leaders who have demonstrated an investment in their community to be Newman Civic Fellows.  Among the Newman Civic Fellows Award honorees for 2015 is OLOL College student Emily Lasseigne, who through her service, research, and advocacy, is making the most of her college experiences to better understand the root causes of social issues and effective mechanisms for creating lasting change.

“Emily is a strong student leader, always ready to serve,” explains Tina S. Holland, Ph.D., President of Our Lady of the Lake College.  “Her desire to help others leads her to think sincerely and critically about social issues and to creatively devise a solution.”

Emily Lasseigne is in her fourth year pursuing a Biology degree in Human Medicine. For four years she has served in leadership roles on campus. She has mentored freshmen and college-bound high school students, she has worked collaboratively as the Beta Sigma Mu President to make information available to pre-advanced degree seeking students, and she serves presently in the highest office of the Student Ambassador (SA) Leadership Program.  Sparked by an experience volunteering with a hospice organization, Lasseigne has demonstrated a desire to raise awareness for end-of-life directives, and this calling ultimately led to an extra-curricular research project.  Currently she plans to help others by becoming a Physician Assistant.

“I have a passion for the political and emotional issues that arise when an individual is dying,” Lasseigne says.  “There is a lack of education on the importance of completing advanced directives, and I have recently finished a research project addressing end-of-life issues and determining better ways to educate individuals on the matter. “

Lasseigne is among two hundred student leaders honored by Campus Compact for their leadership and inspirational commitment to serving the community.   According to Campus Compact, “This year’s record amount of Fellows will leverage an even greater capacity for engagement and change through online networking.  In keeping with their generation’s emphasis on networks over hierarchies, Newman Civic Fellows will share ideas and materials to further their work through an exclusive online community especially for Fellows.“

“These students represent the next generation of public problem solvers and civic leaders. They serve as national examples of the role that higher education can—and does—play in building a better world,” notes Campus Compact Board Richard Guarasci, president of Wagner College (NY). 

Campus Compact is a national coalition of nearly 1,100 college and university presidents—representing some 6 million+ students—who are committed to fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility. For more information about the organization and the award, visit http://www.compact.org.


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