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Franciscan Values Demonstrated when Student Stops to Help Save Newborn Baby

Cassidy Bergeron, a pre-nursing student at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, needed to run a quick trip to Walmart.  Once there she saw people standing by the bathroom and stopped to help.  Thanks to Cassidy and other quick-thinking rescuers, a newborn infant left in a New Roads Walmart bathroom trash can survived.

From her exclusive interview with WBRZ:  

"I was going to keep walking, but then I was like, I need to go help," she explained.

That's when Walmart workers passed Bergeron a seemingly lifeless four-hour-old little girl. A store employee who found a bloody mess in the store's bathroom thought quickly enough to check the trash. Inside that garbage can the employee found the baby wrapped in a plastic bag.

"They came to me with the baby...and the first thing I could think to ask was, have y'all called 911 yet," Bergeron said.

Knowing that help was on the way, what she did next was simply instinct.

"It was turning blue, and I was like this baby is not breathing...The first thing that came to my mind was to either, start CPR or I'm going to give it a tap on the back, ya know, to see if it starts breathing," Bergeron said. "I gave it back to the woman, she was holding it and I kinda just hit it and let her hold it, and you could hear it."

Rescuers credit Bergeron's quick thinking with keeping the girl alive.

"It just kinda went, *inhale sound*, and then it started crying," Bergeron said.

Bergeron said news of the rescue quickly spread through Facebook, but humbly said she's not the only one who should be given credit for the rescue.

"You know, it's on Facebook already, and everybody was thanking me, you know which is great," Bergeron said. "But you gotta think about the cops, the fire department, the paramedics, volunteer people, everyone that was there. We all did it together."

The quick-thinking nursing student never thought about walking away from the infant when she was needed.

"When you have that baby in your arms, and you're looking into its eyes, I didn't know what it was at the time. I mean, what are you going to do, she's already been left, I'm not leaving her again," Bergeron said.

Bergeron said a trip to the store turned out to be just what she needed. She now knows for certain that nursing is exactly where she belongs.

"But if you ask me today... yes, that's what I want to do," Bergeron said. "To sum everything up, there is one word, and that's God. God put me there in that moment, and I don't know why, but you can't question why...but God put me there, baby Olivia is healthy at Woman's and that's all I could ask for is for that baby to live a healthy life."

As a Catholic Franciscan institution, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University creates an environment that emphasizes the value of service in the community.  Explains Br. Ed Violett, SM, Vice President for Academic Affairs, “We are all really proud of what Cassidy did as part of a team of emergency personnel. We challenge all our students to live the mission of serving others, especially those most in need.  Her heart is definitely in the right place.”

“The graduates of our nursing program have been equipped with the requisite skills, knowledge and education in nursing to promote health and deliver quality nursing care to individuals, families and communities,” says Phyllis Pedersen, DNP, CRNA, Dean for the School of Nursing.  “But it is more than that . . . we also facilitate the development of professional nurses within an educational climate of honesty, respect, inquiry, creativity and collaboration.” 

To see WBRZ’s exclusive interview with Cassidy follow this link.    

Alumnus Named 2016 Nightingale Award Recipient

Congratulations to Andrea Normand, class of 1970, who was named the Registered Nurse of the Year by the Louisiana Nurses Foundation.

When Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana decided to open a pediatric ER, they chose Normand as its first nurse manager, and she remains there today, serving as a role model to everyone she makes contact with.

In 2009, Our Lady of the Lake College recognized Normand as one of its ‘85 Who Have Made a Difference.’ Her nomination stated “During the time she was Pediatric ER Manager, her unit saw exemplary patient and employee satisfaction ratings. Ms. Normand has mentored hundreds, maybe thousands, of nurses and doctors, serving as a role model to everyone she has made contact with along the way . . . She has always set the tone for nursing excellence by simply being on shift and setting an example.”

Spring 2016 Honor Roll

Congratulations to our students who made the Spring 2016 semester Deans’ and President’s lists for outstanding academic work.

While we congratulate all students on their excellent academic performance, please note that there are guidelines that we follow to determine which students are listed on the honor roll. Eligibility guidelines are as follows:

President’s List- 12 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 4.00
Dean’s List- 12 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Any student who has a question about their eligibility should contact the Registrar’s Office at 225-490-1602.

2016 Spring President’s List


  1. Morgan Atchison
  2. Margaret Ball
  3. Kara Ballard
  4. Barbara Beckham
  5. Sherri Cass
  6. Katie Cazayoux
  7. Robin Chautin
  8. Matthew Clark
  9. Tiffany Cowell
  10. Holly Crochet
  11. Elizabeth Dauer
  12. Lauren David
  13. Taylor Decuir
  14. Michele Dedrick
  15. Jennifer Drouin
  16. Jordan Duhon
  17. Lauren Falgoust
  18. Emily Farnet
  19. Annessa Flowers
  20. Alicia Geiger
  21. Erin Gilbert
  22. Jeffery Green
  23. Bliss Hardy
  24. Emma Hopkins
  25. Jennifer Hymel
  26. Macey Jameson
  27. Kenneth Joffrion 
  28. Jazmyn Johnson
  29. Karen Kinder
  30. Sydney Laborde
  31. Chelsea Landry
  32. Lindsey Lobell
  33. Merritt Luneau
  34. Hannah Maier
  35. Ashley Mathis
  36. Brooke McClung
  37. Yasmeen Mohammed
  38. April Morgan
  39. Lara Murray
  40. Nadine Nalerio Choudhry
  41. Carly Pelletier
  42. Megan Pfeifer
  43. Keisha Providence
  44. Troy Prudhomme
  45. Jared Ramsey
  46. Lani Richardson
  47. Whitney Rizzuto
  48. Emily Roth 
  49. Emily Salles 
  50. Leslie Smith 
  51. Brooke Traweek 
  52. Lea Walker
  53. Michael Weber
  54. Eric Weber 
  55. Marquinta Winding 
  56. Sabrina Wood Easterly
  57. Kayla Young


2016 Spring Dean’s List


  1. Allyson Achee 
  2. Magan Adams
  3. Aubrey Aronstein
  4. Jacqueline Azbill
  5. Bridgette Azoanee
  6. Alexis Beckwith
  7. Jessica Boedecker
  8. Brandie Broussard
  9. Taylor Bush
  10. Erica Caldera
  11. Rebekah Chamberlain
  12. Ashley Chester
  13. Mary Coco
  14. Rachel Conley
  15. Kayla Craft
  16. Adam Crosby
  17. Susan Crosby
  18. Anna Culotta
  19. Elizabeth Dauzat
  20. Austin Demsky 
  21. Savanna Deynzer
  22. Kaitlin Douglas
  23. Diana Dunaway
  24. Mary-Kathryn Edwards
  25. Jordan Eppley
  26. Evi Erlinda
  27. Jordan Etheridge
  28. Jimilyn Galloway
  29. Charlie Gandy
  30. Ryan Garcia
  31. Dustin Gary
  32. Tiara George
  33. Amanda Gibson
  34. Taylor Gideon
  35. Cindy Granata
  36. Londyn Grey
  37. Bailie Guidry
  38. Jeri Hebert
  39. Alaynna Hebert
  40. Jason Herrle
  41. Courtney Higgins
  42. Sarah Hooge
  43. Samantha Hoover
  44. Amanda Hunt
  45. Ashley Hurst
  46. Kristen Jarreau
  47. Ellen Jennings
  48. Nathaniel Johnson
  49. Hannah Jones
  50. Mechelle Kelley
  51. Katy Kelly
  52. Laila Khamphoumy
  53. Denton Kirby
  54. Travis Lambert
  55. Emily Landry
  56. Whitney Leblanc
  57. William Leblanc
  58. Qianqian Liu
  59. Samantha Marshall
  60. Mayra Mattia
  61. Mallory Maynard
  62. Bready McClendon
  63. Leslie Melancon
  64. Kay Melancon
  65. Sara Miller
  66. Mallory Millet
  67. Gloria Minor
  68. Yvette Molina
  69. Atifa Naeem
  70. Tien Nguyen
  71. Mallory Obrien
  72. Meghan Odom
  73. Faith Olivera
  74. Julianna Parker
  75. Kelley Parrino
  76. Nyeisha Philson
  77. Paige Pizzo
  78. Shereen Richard
  79. Sandra Richards
  80. Kasey Rimkus
  81. Olivia Robertson
  82. Autumn Rounds
  83. Amanda Sanchez
  84. Adrianne Saucier
  85. Rick Schenck, Jr.
  86. Jonathan Schoen
  87. Karen Schugeld
  88. Annie Shocket
  89. Jolynne Shreve
  90. Brandon Simmons
  91. Lisa Smith
  92. Kourtni Smith 
  93. Laurel Smith
  94. Heather Smith
  95. Amanda Sprehe
  96. Victoria Stein
  97. Katherine Stewart
  98. Haley Stone
  99. Allison Taylor
  100. Lorne Velasquez
  101. Daniel Verret
  102. Alicia Vick
  103. Brandi Waguespack
  104. Yuping Wang
  105. Megan Wells
  106. Kalli White
  107. Kenisha Whitley
  108. Dwan Wilson
  109. Robert Wingert
  110. Ashley Woods
  111. Ying Xiao

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