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Financial Aid Awareness

EVERY YEAR, During the month of February, is Financial Aid Awareness Month. This year was a huge success with Food, Fun, and Financial Aid!

The Office of Financial Aid goal is to provide students with a high quality of service and equitable resources to help meet their post-secondary goals. We also provide counseling to help students make the best financial decisions. With over 90 percent of our student body receiving some form of financial aid, we find it important to equip them annually with the knowledge to begin the financial aid process. We are currently preparing to host our 2017 Financial Aid Awareness event for our students and college community. This event is specifically held in an effort to increase our students body interaction and financial aid literacy. WE LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT YEAR!


PLEASE SEE OUR SUGGESTIONS BELOW: We would like you to give our office positive feedback for Financial Aid Awareness 2017. We want each year to be a greater success than the last! past pictures and flyers can be viewed above.

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