OLOL College

Preparing To Attend A University

Get all of the information you need to plan for your education with these interactive tools and resources.

  • Scholarship Tips
         Get organized and start your scholarship search early.
  • Scholarships and grants
         Scholarships and grants are available from a variety of sources, including federal and state
         governments and private sources, such as employers, professional associations, and 
         educational institutions. 
  • Online Award Analyzer
         Find out what award letters really mean. Our Award Analyzer helps you compare financial aid 
         award packages before you make the big decision.
  • Cost of Attendance
        How much is attending the university really going to cost? Learn how the total cost of attendance is calculated. 
  • Education Savings Plans
         Options for saving for your child's education including state savings plans, pre-paid tuition and
  •  Private Student Loans
         If you don't qualify for a federal loan or you cannot cover expenses alone, a private loan might
         work for you.
  • Tax Benefits
         Learn about programs that offer students and their families credit on their federal income tax 
         bill for tuition and fees incurred at an eligible school.
  • Borrowing responsibly
         Establish a good credit rating and protect yourself from the negative impact of too much debt 
         by managing your student loans responsibly. 


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