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Bursar Policies

Tuition and Fee Payment Deadlines

Students must have payment arrangements in place for the full balance due by the published payment deadline each semester.  Payment arrangements include the following.

  • Payment out of pocket – Balance must be paid by the deadline
  • Nelnet (FACTS) payment plan – Must be enrolled by the deadline
  • Financial Aid* – Aid must be awarded and accepted by the deadline
  • Any combination of these options

*This includes federal, state, and institutional aid received directly by Our Lady of the Lake College. Outside scholarships and/or loans, VA benefits, etc, disbursed directly to the student will not be considered as pending aid towards the balance due.

For payment arrangements not listed above, please contact the Bursar’s Office well in advance of the payment deadline.

Students who do not have satisfactory payment arrangements in place by the deadline may be purged from their classes.  Purged students who re-register will need to have payment arrangements in place before the next purge.

Please note: Students who do not plan on attending must officially withdraw through the Registrar's Office.  DO NOT depend on the purge as a method to withdraw.

Past-Due Balances

A past-due balance is any balance that exists on a student account after the published payment deadline for which no payment has been received and no payment arrangement has been made.  Once the payment deadline for a semester has passed, balances become due immediately. Additionally, the College reserves the right to discontinue services to students with past-due balances including but not limited to transcripts, diplomas, registration, and enrollment in payment plans. Past-due balances may also be turned over to a collection agency.  This policy is administered by the Bursar’s Office and is applicable to any past-due balance on a student account. 

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

When a student drops or withdraws from a course, refunds of tuition and fees are made according to the following schedule.

Policy in effect starting Fall 2014

Tuition Fees
100% through first week 100% through the last day to add
75% through second week 0% after last day to add
50% through third weed  
25% through fourth week  
0% after fourth week   

 For information regarding issuance of credit balances and financial aid refunds, go to the Refund Disbursement page.


Privacy Policy

The Bursar's Office strictly follows the guidelines provided by FERPA (The Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974).  Financial records will only be released to the student who holds the account (and to any approved institutions/agencies who have a financial stake in the account).  If a student wishes to allow a parent/spouse or other person access to financial records, he/she must provide written authorization to the Registrar's Office.  The release form is available on the Registrar's Forms page.

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