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Campus Safety

Security Services

Campus security is provided by Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center through the use of a uniformed guard service.  Security guards maintain physical security and safety through vigilance and management of external and internal rounds as stipulated by the Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center's Director of Security.  The Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Security Department is staffed 24 hours a day to provide immediate availability for emergency response. The security officers will provide security escort upon request and courtesy patrol in the university parking lots at night.

As necessary, the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University's Security Department will assist university personnel in contacts with outside police agencies.

Additionally, an Extra Duty Police Officer is available for campus emergencies during regular class hours Monday through Friday.

Campus Watch

Community policing or neighborhood watch programs are practiced very effectively in cities across the county. Campus Watch does the same here at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, constantly watching out for the safety of one another. Please note the information on Campus Watch flyers and brochures around campus. Copies are also available in the Health & Safety Office.

Safety Tips

Whether at home, in the workplace, on campus, or any other setting . . . the best precaution each of us can take is to remain aware of our surroundings at all times.

Please make every effort to:

  • Walk with a friend whenever possible. If that is not possible and you are uncomfortable, please call Security for an escort (765-8825).
  • Report your observations about any suspicious persons in or around the campus immediately to Security or the University administration.
  • Use a buddy system. Make sure a family member, roommate or friend knows your routines. Tell someone if you are going to be late or going away.
  • Notify the Health & Safety Office about broken lights, overgrown shrubs near walkways, telephones that don’t work, etc. Don’t assume that someone else will do this.
  • Read more about safety tips and policies in the Campus Safety and Security Booklet. This may be viewed on the college website or a hard copy can be picked up at the Office of Health & Safety Office.

Campus Safety & Security Information

The Campus Safety and Security Booklet is published annually by Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University and includes campus safety policies and procedures, as well as the annual security report, including documentation of campus crimes for the preceding three calendar years. The offenses for which the statistics are reported are defined in accordance with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. Crime statistics for post-secondary schools can also be found on the US Dept. of Education website http://ope.ed.gov/security/Search.asp.

The Campus Safety and Security Booklet is available to view on the college website or a hard copy can be requested from the Office of Health & Safety.

Franciscan University, in compliance with the federal "Student-Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990," has published this information to provide its students and employees with and overview of the University's security resources, policies and procedures. 

Crime statistics for East Baton Rouge Parish may be found at http://www.brgov.com/dept/brpd/csr/default.asp. The University is located in District 2 Zone E SubZone 3.

Information on sex offenders registered with the Louisiana State Police can be found through the sex offender and child predator registry website (www.lasocpr.lsp.org)

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