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Proctoring Policy

Proctoring Policy

Exam Proctoring Policy

An online exam is an exam that may be taken at time and on a specific date or at a time of the student’s choosing. For set time examinations, students will have the option of having the exam proctored on campus. In addition to existing academic policies concerning academic integrity, students attending a distributed learning course need to follow policies and procedures that apply to distributed learning courses. The student is responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary computer hardware, software, and Internet connectivity necessary for the completion of the examination. Students must check the course website to determine if any special software is needed.
Instructors will provide advance on-line exercises to determine that students do have appropriate access to and the technical capacity for completing the examination.
Students enrolled in distributed learning courses that have an online exam and live in the Baton Rouge area may choose to come to campus to take their exams. Alternatively, a student must make arrangements (when appropriate to the exam nature—i.e., other than open-book)) to take their exams in absentia in a proctored setting at an alternative location if they are unable to access the Baton Rouge campus.

Finding a qualified proctor
When a proctor is required students are responsible for securing a qualified proctor to administer each exam. The proctor must be a teacher, professor, or administrator in a nearby secondary school, college, university, or testing center. For assistance in identifying an appropriate proctor, students can contact a guidance counselor, an academic adviser, or the dean of students or registrar’s office at a nearby college, university, high school, or local testing center. Any fees incurred are the student’s responsibility. Family members, friends or co-workers may not exam proctor for students.
Submitting the proctored exam form
Before submitting the form, students must secure a qualified proctor with whom they have arranged the date, time, and location for their off-campus exam. Students must complete and submit a proctored exam form (see below) online for each exam (even if they use the same proctor) no later than one week prior to the exam date. Students who do not submit proctored exam forms, or who submit their forms late, may forfeit the opportunity to take their examinations and will be subject to the instructor’s or departmental make-up policies. Students and proctors receive an e-mail confirmation upon acceptance of the proctored exam form. If confirmation is not received within 24 hours of the exam, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the appropriate faculty member for clarification or confirmation.
Proctored exam approval and procedures

Exam materials are available to proctors via a password-protected, secure website from noon Central Standard Time (CST) the day before the on-campus exam until midnight CST on the exam day. 
Students must complete exams no later than the on-campus exam date and ending time if an on-campus exam is given. In the case of paper and pencil examinations, proctors are responsible for returning all exam materials by fax or e-mail immediately following completion of the exam. Detailed instructions—including the secure web address, fax number, and return e-mail address—will be included in the e-mail sent to proctors shortly before the date of the exam.
If students or proctors do not follow the exam procedures, the exam may be forfeited.

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